About Us

Mission Statement
To register, protect and facilitate easy access to information on proprietary rights in land, formal business organizations and intellectual property through an effective regulatory system in a manner that seeks to enhance economic growth.

To be the best service provider in the protection of proprietary rights in the region.

There are two deeds registries in Harare and Bulawayo, each serves its respective area as defined in the schedule and section 3 of the deeds registries act.

Core Values:

we are fair ethical and honest in our dealings with all stakeholders .In sdoing so we apply agreed policies equal to all, maintain the highest of personal, professional and ethical conduct.

We exercise independence and objectivity in dealing with our stakeholders  and clients.

Transparency and accountability
We disclose full information in time to relevant stakeholders, where applicable. We take full responsibility and are answerable for our decisions and actions.

We endeavor to deliver justice to all using different methods strategies.

We timely, efficiently and effiently attend to the justice needs of the people in line with our service charter.

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