Private Companies

Private Companies [Chapter 24:03]

Company Registration Procedure

N.B: CR21, and CR14, PBC 1 AND PBC FORMS bought from bookshops

1.Fill and submit name search form CR21 in duplicate in a flat file.                                 Fee isUS$5.00

2.Form CV4 is issued from the office to client confirming reserved name or rejection.

3.If name is reserved, prepare and submit Memorandum and Articles of Association

   with a minimum fee of US$100, together with CR6 (Physical and postal address

  • of company) and form CR14 for (Directorship).                Fee is US$20.00                        US$120.00
  1. 4.Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the Registrar.                                   Fee is US$20.00

 (A once off payment of US$140.00 is paid on submission of the Memorandum and Articles

of Association, CR14 and CR6 for the certification of registration). Total fee for company

registration is                                                                                                              US$145.00

NB: All documents should be submitted in duplicate.

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