Public companies

1] Application for name search on cr21 forms. Fees payable: $5
2] When name is approved, applicant submits

1] Memorandum & articles of association. Fees payable:$140
2] cr6 forms [for registered office address
3] cr14 forms [for list of directors & secretary]

4]cr7 (an affidavit by the directors is lodged) Fees payable: $20

5]cr1(List of person consented to be directors is lodged. Fees payable: $20

6]cr13 (List of signatures of persons who consented to be directors. Fees payable: $20

7]Statement in lieu of prospectus is lodged . Fees payable:$200

8]Prospectus (Invitation of the public to buy shares) Fees payable: 1% of the capital to be raised

The registrar issues the Certificate of Incorporation.

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