Geographical Indications

What is a geographical indication?
A sign used on goods that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that place of origin.

How to register
Geographical indications are currently registered using the trade marks regulations. This means their registration follows the same procedure as trade marks.

Examples of geographical indications

  1. Mazowe Oranges - Unique oranges grown in Mazowe.
  2. Tanganda Tea - mountain tea from the eastern highlands in the Tanganda area.
  3. Inyanga Coffee - Coffee grown in the Nyanga area in eastern highlands.
  4. Hippo Valley Sugar Cane - Cane grown in the southern lowvelds of Zimbabwe.


What is the difference between a geographical indication and a trademark?

A trademark is a sign used by an enterprise to distinguish its goods and services from those of those of other enterprises. It gives its owner the right to exclude others from using the trade mark. A geographical indication tells consumers that a product is produced in a certain place and has certain characteristics that are due to that place of production. All producers may use it to make their products in the place designated by a geographical indication and whose products share typical qualities.

How are geographical indications protected ?
Geographical indications are protected in accordance with national laws and under a wide range of concepts, such as laws against unfair competition, consumer protection laws, laws for the protection of certification marks or special laws for the protection of geographical indications or appellation of origin.

In essence, unauthorized parties may not use geographical indications if such use is likely to mislead the public as to the true origin of the product. Applicable sanctions range from court injunctions preventing the unauthorized use to the payment of damages and fines or, in serious cases, imprisonment.
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