Online Deeds Registry Search

 Online Deeds Registry Search

You can now search for Title Deeds Online, from anywhere and at any time! Whether it’s on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone, you can now search for title deeds in the comfort of your home or workplace, worldwide.

How to search for Title Deeds Online steps

1    Go to and select ZimConnect from the main page, alternatively you can go to .

2.         On the page that opens, choose Login if you are registered on the ZimConnect platform. If not, choose Register and follow the instructions. After registering, login.

3.       Once logged in, locate the Online Services section, and expand the Companies and Deeds menu. Choose Deed Registry Search.

4.      After reading the instructions on the page that opens, click New Payments to make a payment for the first time or Pending payments to continue with payment in the event that you lost connection whilst attempting to make payment in the previous step.

5.      Proceed to the payment page, select method and make payment, if payment has already been made, return to search page.

6.       If the payment process is completed successfully, you will see a confirmation of the payment and status. You will also receive an sms on your phone as well as an e-mail to confirm successful completion.

7.       After a successful payment, the number of available searches according to your payments is listed on the search main page.

8.    Click the start searching button and enter the required search details in the search fields. Deeds can be searched by owner’s name, document number or property description.

9.       Click search and select and display the record that matches the search criteria to view the Deed details.

1     Click on new search to continue searching or log off when done.

Requirements for online deeds registry search

1.        User Registration on Zimconnect

2.        Online Search payment (Ecocash, Telecash, Visa etc). Each search costs USD 1.00 (excluding service charges)

Do a search now: Go to home page and click current projects- Computerization E-filing it directs you to ZimConnect Portal



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