Processing of copies

i)    Copy of deeds in lieu of the original - Issued if client copy is lost, destroyed or defaced to replace the original.

  • Application for copy in lieu of original is submitted under cover together with proof of advertising
  • Receipting and distribution are done and captured as lost deed
  • Examinations to check whether set requirements are met is carried out
  • Certificate(in lieu of original) is attached to copy for registra to sign and receipting details are endorsed on the certificate
  • After signing the consent is sent to the recording office and copy  is sent to conveyancers

NB: adverts to be placed in Government gazette and local paper where property is situated and for defaced deeds and dead deeds no need for advertising but process is the same.

ii)    Copy of bond in lieu of the original

  • Process is the same with that of title deed except there are no suveryor general requirements.

iii)    Processing copies for judicial purposes

  • This is requested by the court or an attorney and there are no diagrams or adverts required. The other processes are the same as above
  • An endorsement is made on the office copy that a “copy has been issued for judicial purposes only” also stating consent number and date
  • Certificate stating “ copy has been issued for judicial purposes only” also stating consent number and date is annexed to the copy for registrar to sign
  • Document copy is endorsed on every page that ”for judicial purpose only”
  • After signing consent is forwarded to recording office for filling and copy of document sent to conveyancers  or officers of the court.

iv)    Copy of deeds for information purposes

  • Applied for by anyone at the public counter no formal application required
  • The client fills in the form indicating search and copy
  • Copy endorsed on every page “issued for information purposes only”


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