Types of Deeds

1.    DEED OT TRANSFER:  it is a transfer of land from one person to another. It is prepared and lodged by a conveyencer.
2.    DEED OF GRANT: An original title issued to provide ownership from the state. It does not need a conveyance to execute. E xecution is normally done by secretary for lands on behalf of the state.
3.    CERTIFICATE OF STATE TITLE: A certificate issued by the registrar of deeds upon application by the minister concerned or an officer of the state for an unalienated land.
4.    DEED OF PARTITION:  It takes place when joint owners of a piece of land , decide to redistribute their land such that each one of them will hold his/her share under a separate title. It is prepared by a conveyancer. A permit is required from the local authority.
5.    DEEDS OF RECTIFICATION TRANSFER: It is issued for the purpose of correcting an error whereby an owner would have been given title for a wrong property.
6.    DEEDS OF EXCHANGE: It is issued whereby owners have made private arrangements to exchange property. If properties are not of the same value there is need for the other part to compensate to equalize. Duty is payable on the difference only.
7.    SUBSITUTED TITLES:- CERTIFICATE OF REGISTERED TITLE: Is a certificate of title issued to any registered owner upon written application to the registrar of deeds. It is attested by the registrar since there is no appearer who executes the deed. There is no transfer of ownership the property remains in the name of the registered owner. 

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