Frequently Asked Question

Why have a Deed?
  1. Having a title deed would help avoid getting into unnecessary wrangles over property which legitimately belongs to you. The proof of a title deed, registered and signed by the registrar is enough to set you free.
  2. A property with deeds cannot easily be sold fraudulently without the consent of the owner since the owner has to sign a power of attorney before the real rights can be transferred to a new owner. If the power of attorney is not available, the registrar will decline to register the transfer
  3. It is easy to dispose of immovable property with deeds. The prospective buyer feels secured and would have proof beyond reasonable doubt that the seller is the legitimate owner of the land under sale. Further proof for originality of deeds can be sought by making a deeds search
  4. An owner of immovable property with deeds can easily apply for a loan from a financial institution, taking the title deeds as security
  5. Some embassies require proof of ownership of immovable property before they can grant visas to the applicants and hence the merit of having deeds as security
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