The Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Office was Officially opened in 1894. It opened as a section under the Deeds Office, a set up still existing today. Within the Intellectual Property Office are various registers maintained by the Controller of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs.

Services offered:

  1. Examine applications for grant of patents for inventions and registration of industrial design, trade and service marks, geographical indications, integrated circuits; and uniforms, badges and armorial bearings.
  2. Maintains various intellectual property registers and making them accessible to the public where necessary.
  3. Monitor and appraise the functioning of collecting societies
  4. Promote the use of patent information as a tool for technology development, for example under the  TISC initiative; 
  5. Publish regularly in its own publication the patents, marks, and industrial designs, Issued and  approved, and changes made to registered documentation.
  6. Conduct primary hearings on contested intellectual property rights;
  7. Giving advice to the public, the private sector and other government institutes on intellectual property related matters, through seminars, outreaches and exhibitions.

Activities of the Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Office

  1. Liaise with other government agencies, offices and the private sector to  formulate and implement plans and policies to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the country through various platforms, form example participation in the inter ministerial committee on intellectual property.
  2. Represent the Government of Zimbabwe in the international fora in intellectual property meetings,  seminars, workshops, committees, and conventions.

Acts Administered

  • The Patents Acts Chapter 26:03
  • The Trade marks Acts Chapter 26:04
  • The Copyright and Neighbouring rights Act Chapter 26:05
  • The Industrial Designs Act Chapter
  • The Integrated Circuits Layout-Designs Act, Chapter 26:07
  • The Armorial Bearings, Names, Uniforms and Badges Act Chapter 10:01
  • The Geographical Indications Act Chapter 26:06
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